“Demand the best, demand CHSA Accredited Product”

CHSA audits more product than ever; suppliers achieve near perfect compliance

In 2015 the Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association (CHSA) audited more products than has ever been the case, with Scheme members achieving near perfect compliance.

Martin Yates, the CHSA’s independent inspector, made over 70 visits to Scheme members in 2015, testing over 600 products and almost 1,400 labels for compliance.

With such clear evidence of the impact of the Schemes, Mike Stubbs, Chairman of the Accreditation Schemes is calling on buyers of soft tissue products, plastic refuse sacks and industrial cotton mops to specify Scheme membership in their tenders.

He said: “Buyers of these products should demand the very best, product accredited within the Association’s Manufacturing Standards Accreditation Schemes.

“The CHSA is absolutely determined to drive up standards and so we have invested to enhance our Manufacturing Standards Accreditation Schemes.

“We’re delighted to report members responded positively to the increased rigour of the Schemes and achieved near perfect compliance in all areas.

“Now more than ever the only way buyers of these products can be certain that ‘what is on the box is in the box’ is to buy product stamped with the relevant Accreditation Scheme Marque.

“Better still our advice is that they join a growing band of organisations specifying Accreditation Scheme membership in their tenders!”

Scheme members are audited at least twice a year and failure to meet the standard, would ultimately result in expulsion, a sanction the CHSA has not needed to apply in recent years.

Passionate about driving up standards across the industry, the CHSA is building on the success of its Accreditation Schemes with new initiatives, each of which is designed to showcase the ethical approach of members and the way in which they operate to the highest standards in the industry.

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