Accredited Manufacturer

Organisations that buy from an Accredited Manufacturer of paper-based and woven products can be certain the dimensions and count of every product is as indicated on the label.

The Accreditation Scheme for manufacturers of plastic-based products defines commonly used terms, so buyers can be certain products from Accredited members are fit for purpose and the dimensions and count are as indicated on the label. Click here to watch the video showing the Drop Test.

Members of our Accreditation Scheme for cotton-based products guarantee the weight, absorbency and, where relevant, the cotton content of their mops. The Scheme also guarantees the dimensions and count of ancillary products are as indicated on the label.

Our Accredited Manufacturers of cleaning and hygiene chemicals guarantee the volume is as specified on the label and the bottles are recyclable.

Buyers from members of General Manufacturers Accreditation Scheme can be certain they are dealing with an ethical business offering quality, fit for purpose products.

Each Manufacturing Accreditation Scheme is governed by a Panel of elected members. The Panel meets annually and reports to the Association’s Council.

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