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All members have signed our Code of Practice, committing to high standards in the conduct of their businesses.

We welcome applications from manufacturers and distributors in the cleaning and hygiene industry.

Before applying for membership, please check that you have read and understood the criteria below:

  • Provision of two satisfactory references. These should ideally be two CHSA members or if that is not possible, then two businesses from within the cleaning and hygiene sector that we can approach for a reference.
  • Nomination by a current CHSA member. The sponsor can also be one of the two referees if they are a CHSA member.   If a company cannot obtain a sponsor, the Chairman can act as their sponsor and referee if he/she feels it appropriate.
  • Evidence of business systems and processes through certification:
      • For the Chemical Manufacture Accreditation Scheme, ISO 9001 or BRC equivalent is required. ISO 14001 is desirable, but not a requirement.
      • For other Schemes, ISO 9001 or BRC equivalent is ideal but not a prerequisite. If your business does not have ISO 9001 or BRC equivalent, please indicate if you are working towards it and when you expect to achieve it.
  • Any marketing claims made for products made or sold must be substantiated and appropriate test data provided where applicable, which may be independently or peer reviewed. Valid test data should be from an approved UK or EU accredited laboratory.
  • For non UK businesses, a UK warehouse where inspection/sampling is allowed is preferred. If there is no UK warehouse, you must demonstrate how and where we can obtain samples.   This proposal will be reviewed alongside the other information provided on the application form.  We will provide a schedule of costs on request, they vary by scheme and location.
  • Multiple audits will take place during the first year of membership to ensure compliance with the relevant Standard and Code of Practice.
  • If a membership application lapses and is not approved within six months of applying due to delays from the applicant, CHSA reserve the right to terminate the process. If the decision is taken to end the application process, 14 days notice will be given. The application fee is not refundable and no application from the same business will be considered within a period of 12 months from the termination date.

Please note:

  • A payment of £500 + VAT is required at the time of submitting an application for membership. Our bank details are on the bottom of the application form. If the application is successful, the fee will be refunded. Please note, the fee is not refundable for applications that are unsuccessful or not progressed by the applicant.
  • All new applications progressing to the audit stage are subject to a non-refundable audit fee.  The costs are £500 + VAT for manufacturing schemes and £250 + VAT for distributor applications.
  • As part of our initial due diligence background checks early in the process we are likely to review marketing and product claims on the business' website or elsewhere online. This might include the availability of test data or evidence that is available to substantiate claims made, for chemical products in particular, but not exclusively.
  • Accreditation is given to the particular Schemes applied for and must not be used or referred to in a way that could be misleading in relation to non-Scheme products.
  • For Plastic Sack Accreditation Scheme applications, it is a requirement to have installed an approved drop tester as specified in the Scheme Standard before the initial audit can take place as part of the application process. Should you wish to purchase this piece of equipment from the CHSA, please let us know at the time of your application and we will advise on pricing.
  • Information provided will be verified through Companies House or Dun & Bradstreet searches as part of our due diligence process.
  • Detailed product stock lists will be required by our Independent Inspector. A physical audit carried out by the Independent Inspector is a condition of the application process.  Failure to provide access could prevent an application from being taken forward.
  • If an application is declined, no applications from the same business will be considered within 12 months.
  • Requests to change the name of the member company must be approved by Council and will not be considered during the first year of membership. Failure to advise of a name change may result in termination of membership.
Join the CHSA

The application process is straightforward. Select the membership type that suits your business. Complete the application form and return with the documentation requested.

We will conduct our background checks and contact you for more information if necessary. We will take up the references and nomination for membership with the names that have been provided. This will complete our due diligence background checks. Any queries or concerns will be reviewed by a membership team before the application is taken to CHSA Council for consideration. If the application is approved to progress to the audit stage, we will then invoice you and provide the detailed Scheme documentation.

When the invoice has been paid we will ask our Independent Inspector to make arrangements for the audit with you direct; we will also request a product stock list and test certificates depending on the Scheme being applied for. If the audit is not successful, the reasons will be given and your membership cost refunded less the audit fee. If the application is successful, we will inform the Scheme members that you will be joining. A membership certificate will then be sent to you together with a marketing pack and a warm welcome to CHSA.



Open to companies that manufacture or act as exclusive agents for a manufacturer supplying the UK away from home cleaning and hygiene products, materials and / or equipment market.

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Open to distributors supplying the UK away from home cleaning and hygiene products, materials and / or equipment market.

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