REACH for the cleaning supply chain – find about managing safety data sheets at BACS-CHSA conference on 21 June

REACH is a business-critical issue for companies in the cleaning and hygiene sector. In force now, the regulation places new responsibilities on the users of cleaning chemicals and increases the burden of data management on the supply chain.

To help businesses in the sector adapt and respond the Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association (CHSA) and the British Association for Chemical Specialities (BACS) are organizing a conference – “REACH for the cleaning supply chain” – on Tuesday 21 June at the Lea Marston Hotel in the West Midlands.

Stephen Harrison, chairman of the CHSA, explained: “One of the biggest challenges for distributors of cleaning and hygiene products is the management of the safety data sheets. Over the next decade new information will be generated for about 100,000 chemicals so the task is huge.”

Addressing specifically this challenge Simon Bradshaw, director of Lisam Systems is a speaker at the conference. He will explain what constitutes a significant change and how to respond.

“We understand the challenge,” explained Simon. “Managing ongoing chemical compliance is a complex process and effective regulatory document management is essential. With this in mind we have developed a technology solution designed to create, manage and distribute compliant safety data sheets.

“During my talk I will explain the principles of our approach, giving distributors the information they need to get ahead of this complex challenge.”

Those who want to attend the conference should email the BACS Secretariat at


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