Reflecting on a successful year at the AGM


The Soft Tissue Manufacturing Standards Accreditation Scheme AGM, held in December, was well attended.

Reflecting on a successful year Panel Chairman, Mike Stubbs, updated the members on the achievements of the year. The communication between the Scheme and the Council has improved, a written report now being submitted to every Council meeting. The Standard and Regulations have been updated, performance levels have improved and new member auditing has been enhanced. The auditing process is now more efficient with product lists and copy lables being provided prior to the audit and only when these meet the required standard is the dimensional audit carried out. Reporting to the Scheme’s Panel has improved and minutes are now being formally reviewed and approved. Mike also particularly thanked all those who have given their time throughout the year to drive the Scheme forward.

But we are not complacent. All members will receive two audit visits in 2015 and we are in the process of developing a programme of non-member product auditing. We are boosting the marketing of the Schemes (see below) and will have fully reviewed the Standard and Regulations by the end of 2015.

Ambitious plans for a valuable Scheme that is driving up standards in the industry.

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