Signed up as a Silver Sponsor of Golden Service Awards

NEW GSA Logo V1-01The Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers’ Association (CHSA) has signed up as a Silver Sponsor of the prestigious Golden Service Awards.

“We’re delighted to be a Silver Sponsor at the Golden Service Awards,” said Stephen Harrison, Chairman of the Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers’ Association and Managing Director of Harrison Wipes.

“Our members supply the contract cleaners and in-house cleaning teams who professionalism will be celebrated at the Awards. Sponsoring the event gives us the chance to shine a light on the breadth of our members’ offer and the way our organisation is driving up standards in the industry.

“We are pleased to be in the excellent company of those already supporting the Golden Service Awards, who include Founder and Patron Kimberly-Clark Professional, Gold Sponsor Diversey Care (now part of Sealed Air) and Ambassador Sponsor the British Cleaning Council.”

During the past two years the CHSA has driven forward the organisation, improving and adding value to the service it provides to members.

“We are increasingly providing our members with valuable insights and information and advocating on their behalf,” continued Stephen. “Our programme is to include seminars and promotional activities targeted directly at buyers of cleaning products in a range of industry sectors.”

As well as representing its members’ interests the CHSA has established and is driving forward the Manufacturing Standards Accreditation Schemes for Soft Tissue, Plastic Refuse Sacks and Industrial Cotton Mops.

“The Manufacturing Standards Accreditation Schemes are driving up standards in the industry,” said Mike Stubbs, Chairman of the Panels running each of the Schemes. “The only way buyers can be certain they are getting what they pay for is by specifying and purchasing Manufacturing Standards Accredited product from their suppliers.

“The Schemes have been enhanced during the past 18 months, improving their value to buyers and so the commercial return of membership. Manufacturers are now clamouring to join as buyers increasingly specify Scheme membership in their tenders. Applications to our Schemes have increased markedly; for example there have been six new applications to our Soft Tissue and Plastic Refuse Sack Schemes during quarter two of 2015, which if accepted would results in a 20% increase in Scheme membership.”

Application does not however guarantee Scheme membership. Applicants are only admitted if they pass the challenging audit, conducted by the Scheme’s independent auditor. During the process the auditor reviews the labels to ensure they are accurate and comply with the Scheme’s regulations. He goes on to test the length and width of the soft tissue products, the quality of the plastic refuse sacks and the weight and absorbance of the cotton mops.

All Scheme members are subject to two audits a year. Failure to meet the standard will ultimately result in expulsion from the Scheme.

The Marque of the Manufacturing Standards Accreditation Schemes guarantee three things:

  • Consistency of supply: customers receive what they order;
  • Accurate labeling: customers know what they are paying for; and
  • Fully audited manufacturers: our standards, your guarantee.
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