Welcoming Gremer to the CHSA

Explaining why they joined the CHSA they said: “Established in 1973, Gremer is a family run business specialising in the supply of janitorial products to leading companies throughout the UK. Over a number of years the CHSA has set the standards for soft tissue and paper products, polythene sacks and now industrial cotton mops.  Gremer prides itself on delivering a high quality product to all of its customers and working in partnership with suppliers who meet the CHSA rigorous standards safeguards our supply chain.

“It was a natural step for us to apply for membership to the CHSA as a Distributor member in order to strengthen our overall relationship with our suppliers and customers ensuring a consistent quality of product, week in week out.

“The CHSA’s relentless auditing of manufacturers ensures strict parameters are adhered to for the benefit of the supply chain as a whole and not in isolation for one particular part of that chain.

“The CHSA set the standard for the industry and customers understand that this benchmarking ensures the quality of product is safeguarded within the brand.

“Given the number of responsibilities that we juggle on a daily basis, one might think that joining a professional body may not be one of our top priorities. But such thinking can cause us to miss out on the numerous benefits that membership of a professional association offers, such as valuable business contacts and gaining access to a wealth of useful information.”

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