Welsh National Procurement Service specifies CHSA Accreditation Scheme membership

The National Procurement Service for Wales (NPS) has called on the Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association (CHSA) and its Independent Inspector to support its Refuse Sack Tender Process.

As part of the NPS tender evaluation process, the CHSA’s Independent Inspector, Martin Yates, tested samples of the domestic refuse sacks and recycling sacks submitted under Lots 1 and 2 of the NPS Tender, to ensure they matched the specified requirements.

The NPS wanted to ensure ‘fit for purpose’ products were obtained, to fully meet the requirements of their Welsh Public Sector customer base.

Mike Stubbs, Chairman of the CHSA’s Manufacturing Standards Accreditation Schemes continued: “We were delighted to support this procurement process by arranging for our Independent Inspector to test the quality of the refuse sacks. He has given the National Procurement Service confidence the sacks purchased through the new NPS Framework meet the Standards specified by the Welsh Public Sector and are ‘fit for purpose’.

“We’re particularly delighted the National Procurement Service as part of their Qualification process asked bidders if they were CHSA Accredited and if not, would be willing to become a member of our Accreditation Scheme if awarded a place on the Framework. We’re also pleased they have also asked us to carry out random sample testing of the products called-off through the Framework period to ensure Welsh Public Sector customers get the same quality throughout the entire Framework term.

“Our Accreditation Schemes for soft tissue, plastic refuse sacks and industrial cotton mops give buyers the certainty that what’s on the box is in the box. They just need to look for the Accreditation Scheme logos: Our Standards, Your Guarantee.”

The CHSA would welcome an opportunity to provide this same service to other purchasing organisations, whether in the public or private sectors. For further information please contact Mike Stubbs, chairman of the CHSA Accreditation Scheme at aschairman@chsa.co.uk or secretary@chsa.co.uk. www.chsa.co.uk


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