Campaigning to make cleaning & hygiene a national priority

CHSA Cleaning and Hygiene Suppliers Association

Join us in speaking up for the industry

The British Cleaning Council (BCC) has brought the industry together to ‘speak up’ and lobby MPs to make cleaning and hygiene a national priority.

The All Party Parliament Group (APPG) for the Cleaning & Hygiene Industry, chaired by Nigel Mills MP, has produced a report, titled Embedding Effective Hygiene for a Resilient UK. The BCC, and its member associations (which include the CHSA), are calling on the Government to implement the report’s recommendations. Doing so will put cleaning and hygiene at the heart of the national agenda, making the nation much more resilient to current common infections and much better prepared for future public health emergencies, like the Covid-19 pandemic.

We need your help to bring the APPG report to the attention of MPs and so drive it up the Government’s agenda. 

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