CHSA Accreditation Scheme Members deliver near perfect compliance in 2016

Buying from CHSA Accreditation Scheme members is the only way to be certain ‘what’s on the box is in the box’

Analysis of the auditing results for the CHSA’s Accreditation Schemes for Soft Tissue, Plastic Sacks and Cotton Mops in 2016 has shown Scheme members have achieved near perfect compliance.

Every Scheme Member was inspected by Martin Yates, the CHSA’s Independent Inspector, who made at least two visits to every member company.

With such clear evidence of the impact of the Schemes, Mike Stubbs, Chairman of the Accreditation Schemes is calling on buyers of soft tissue products, refuse sacks and cotton mops to specify Scheme membership in their tenders. He said: “Working closely with our Scheme members we have continued to increase the rigour of the CHSA Accreditation Schemes. We’re delighted to see the inspections show that now, more than ever, purchasers of cleaning and hygiene products can be certain they get what they pay from Scheme members. Our advice is that they join a growing band of organisations specifying Accreditation Scheme membership in their tenders!”

Overall, 98.6% compliance was achieved in the Mop Scheme, with every member achieving 100% compliance during their second inspection of the year. This means the weight and absorbency of mops stamped with the Accreditation Scheme logo reflects what it says on the label and every product is traceable to the manufacturer and batch.

Members of the Plastic Sack Scheme also achieved 100% label compliance during their second inspections of the year. There has also been a significant improvement in Drop Test performance, the British Standards test used to assess if the refuse sack is fit for purpose; 97% of product passed the Drop Test during the second inspection compared to an overall pass rate of 78% in 2015.

Members of the Soft Tissue Accreditation Scheme also achieved extraordinarily high levels of conformance; in the second inspections of the year label compliance was 98% and dimensional compliance was also 98%.

Building on the success of the Accreditation Schemes for its manufacturing members, the CHSA launched its Accredited Distributor Scheme in January this year. As with the Manufacturing Standards Accreditation Scheme, applicants are admitted to the Scheme on the successful completion of an auditing process conducted by the CHSA’s Independent Inspector, Martin Yates. As well as auditing the products, Martin assesses the entire stock status of products within scope, focusing on CHSA accredited products standards.

Once a company has successfully passed the audit and secured Accreditation Scheme status, it will continue to be monitored periodically with a minimum of two audits each year, giving buyers of the products the certainty that standards are sustained. The first members of the Accredited Distributors Scheme are to be announced shortly.

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