CHSA publishes report on sustainability initiatives in the cleaning industry

Roadmap to sustainability CHSA

The Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association (CHSA) has published a report designed to help buyers of these products select ethically and environmentally sustainable solutions.

“Sustainability is one of the biggest issues facing our industry,” explained Lorcan Mekitarian, chair of the CHSA. “Buyers want to do the right thing but knowing what to specify and differentiating sustainable solutions from greenwashing is not easy. Buyers often lack the time or resources to get it right. Our report is designed to help.”

The report compiles information from CHSA members, who comprise manufacturers and distributors of cleaning and hygiene products. Manufacturing members include multinationals with a global footprint and major UK-based independent manufacturers. Distributor members span national networks to privately owned independent businesses. 

The report addresses three key questions:

What are the major carbon-reduction initiatives / changes taking place in the industry?

What types of initiative/approach should be specified in tenders?

What should buyers be aware of / avoid and how do they identify greenwashing claims? 

The carbon-reduction initiatives identified include innovations in the design and manufacture of products and packaging, and investment designed to improve energy efficiency and carbon reduction. CHSA members say buyers should expect their suppliers to have a sustainability strategy, detailing substantive initiatives for measuring and reducing carbon emissions. The report also identifies tactics for spotting greenwashing claims. These include being wary of absolute product claims. 

The report is available on the CHSA’s website. 

All members of the CHSA adhere to the requirements of the relevant Accreditation and have signed the Association’s rigorous Code of Practice. It means CHSA members:

§  Trade ethically and sustainably;

§  Provide supporting information for claims made;

§  Provide quality, fit for purpose products; and

§  Make sure what’s on the box is what’s in the box.

Click here to access the report.

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