Driving up standards for 20 years

CHSA_Cert_SoftTissue_CMYKThe Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association (CHSA) is this year celebrating the 20th anniversary of its Manufacturing Standards Accreditation Scheme for Soft Tissue.

For 20 years the Association has been active in driving up standards, making sure that what’s in the box is on the box. Today the marque of the Soft Tissue, Plastic Refuse Sack and Industrial Cotton Mop Accreditation Schemes means buyers can be certain they get what they pay for.

“The Schemes have been incredibly effective at driving up standards in the industry,” said Mike Stubbs, Chairman of the CHSA’s Accreditation Schemes. “Although the Schemes improved standards significantly, four years ago the Scheme Management Panels decided to further enhance them. This has resulted in even greater compliance. The Soft Tissue manufacturers are now achieving near 100% compliance, with members of the Plastic Refuse Sack and Industrial Cotton Mop Schemes achieving similar conformance. As a result, we are now being called in by procurers to check the product before they buy.

“Now, more than ever, the only way for buyers to be certain what’s on the box is in the box is to buy from an Accreditation Scheme member.”

Following the success of the Soft Tissue Accreditation Scheme the CHSA went on to launch Manufacturing Standards Accreditation Schemes for Plastic Refuse Sacks and Industrial Cotton Mops and this year it has launched an Accreditation Scheme for Distributors.

Gaining admittance to one of the CHSA’s Accreditation Schemes is challenging. Applicants must pass the initial audit, conducted by the CHSA’s Independent Inspector, Martin Yates, of their product range and existing quality assurance processes.  They are then audited frequently throughout the first year to ensure they maintain the standard that was required of them to gain membership of one of the Schemes.

Thereafter members are visited by the Independent Inspector repeatedly through each year, product being selected from the warehouse and production line for inspection. He confirms the labels comply with the relevant Scheme’s specification. This ensures buyers can be confident “what is on the box is in the box” and the product is traceable to the manufacturer and specific batch. He confirms the dimensions of the soft tissue are as specified and the industrial cotton mops and refuse sacks are fit for purpose and dimensions are specified. The inspector also audits members’ quality systems to ensure they are as vigilant with their own systems as with the products audited by the Inspector.

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