New style logo to guarantee quality of plastic sacks

Buyers of plastic sacks need to look out for the new style logo that guarantees the quality of plastic refuse sacks. The CHSA Refuse Sack Accreditation Scheme Panel decided to simplify the weight ‘dumbbell logo’ to just one weight category as opposed to a choice of four on the label. 

The Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association (CHSA)’ new style ‘dumbbell logo’ specifies the weight that the sack can carry and so the duty of the plastic refuse sack.

Only sacks that have passed the relevant Drop Test can be labeled with the CHSA Accreditation Scheme mark and the relevant ‘dumbbell logo’. 

In the Drop Test, the sack is filled to the specified weight and dropped from a specified height of 1.5m. It is then inspected for splits. A 90% pass rate is required for each batch of ten refuse sacks tested. 

The new dumbbell logo specifies the weight of the sacks in the box, which in turn indicates the duty. Light duty sacks are marked as 5kg or 8kg. Medium duty are 10kg or 12 kg and heavy duty are 15kg and 18 kg. Extra heavy duty sacks are labeled 20kg.  

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